Summer School   Exams for Online Courses

The following Online Summer School Courses have a final exam.  

All exams will be written on Friday JULY 31 at 9:00am.

 ENG3U Grade 11 University English
 ENG4U Grade 12 University English
 ENG4C Grade 12 College English
 HSB4M Challenge and Change in Society (University)
French Immersion
 Introduction to Anthropology, Psychology, and Sociology (University)
 ENG2DGrade 10 Academic English 
 HRT3MWorld Religions 
 BOH4M Management Fundamentals

Exams will be held at a location in Halton yet to be determined.

If you have your own laptop you can bring it to the exam. There will be some school computers availalbe at each site.

Students who are unable to physically attend their final exam for legitimate reasons, may request to have their exam proctored. 
Click HERE for proctoring information.