January 2018 Exams

This year, eLearning Campus is making a move away from traditional exams.  They will be non-proctored and students will have a choice (based on timeslots provided by their teachers) of when to complete the exam.  Although, there will not be direct supervision, teachers will still be online to answer any questions that students may have.  

What does this mean?

Students will NOT write in their homeschools on the last day of class between 4pm-6pm.  They will choose their exam location based on where they feel most comfortable and where they have been used to learning for the past several months. Exams will run from Wednesday January 24th through Tuesday, January 30th with specific times for each course as determined by the eLearning teacher.

What locations will students be writing in?

Students have the choice of writing at home, coffee shop, exam conflict room or the library.  Students that have selected the library, may need access to chromebooks for the duration of their exam.  Any exams written at school must be completed within school hours.

Please contact Laura McKay (mckayl@hdsb.ca) - Instructional Program Leader / eLearning - for more information about eLearning exams.