Is it Right for you?

Can I do it?

E-learning can be an exciting, engaging and challenging way to earn high school credits.  But before you dive into the online world, we suggest to take a few minutes to think about if you are a suitable candidate for e-learning.

Why Test for Suitability?

Online learning is not for everyone and requires a combination of qualities (e.g., self-motivation, initiative and fluency with reading and writing). Online courses are certainly not 'bird courses' and are as demanding and time-consuming as face-to-face classes. Although learning online involves some flexibility, students must keep up with course due dates as with any other class.

Below you will find links to 4 different e-learning suitability quizzes.  Try a couple of them and as you do, think about the skills you will need to be successful.

We also suggest that you speak with your guidance counselor about any decisions you are going to make in relation to your program.