“Out of Board” eLearning Registration Process

New Process - Google form

Prior to enrollment in an “Out of Board” course schools are asked to submit the name of the student and the rationale for enrolment through a Google form. 
The Google form is found here

Through this process we will be able to ensure overall accountability and assess and track the needs that have led to “out of board” registrations. 
This will allow the HDSB to enhance and modify our offerings and delivery methods in the future.

When a student meets the HDSB eligibility criteria (see "out of board online courses" section here), and after the school has received support from the eLearning Administrator*, schools are asked to continue to enroll students in “out of board” courses directly through the provider (most commonly AMDEC). 

Please note that AMDEC will not complete student registrations until the HDSB eLearning Administrator confirms support.
*The VP of eLearning (Michael Gallant) will respond directly/promptly to the school indicating support, after the form is complete