Conditions for Taking An Online Course (Pesky Stuff)

See Q&A for general information about online learning.

1) Find out if you are suited to online learning by clicking here
Our data shows that success rates are higher for students who score well on this test. Don't skip this test, your online credit may be at stake!

2) Only non-adult (under 21 years of age), day students of the Halton District School board may enrol in day school programs (we do not enroll students from out-of-board). 
Adult, alternative and continuing education students should check out the Gary Allan High School for online opportunities and other programs. 
Full-time, part-time and no-time students are all welcome.

3) Students begin and end courses in phase with the current semester system (there are currently no summer school online courses).
Therefore, students may only be enrolled up to two weeks after day one of any semester.

4) Online courses may be taken as a 9th credit only if a 9th credit has not been taken in previous years.

5) Students may not select both the online and face-to-face versions of the same course in any given year (e.g., GLC2OO and GLC2O1).

6) See courses for specific details on academic course prerequisites and recommendations.

7) Students who begin a course and then fall behind will be well-supported with weekly emails, communications, etc. by various eLearning Staff according to an escalating protocol. 
Note however that students who fall four weeks behind will be demitted from the course.

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