Presently all of our High School students and teachers have access to the Desire to Learn Platform (D2L) that is used for E-Learning and Blended Learning.  All teachers have pre-created blank shells that can be used to create course material and/or add pre-created course material.  Access is as follows:  

Teacher  and Student Access to D2L

URL:  https://hdsb.elearningontario.ca

Username:  Chatt Username
Password:   Chatt Username

The platform allows for password free access to the OERB, Homework Help and and Gizmos. 

Gizmos access is automatic for teachers and students.  Teachers first need to create their Gizmos Account and classes from inside D2L.  Students in a teacher's D2L course will then have access to Gizmos without having to login.

The OERB can be used more efficiently from inside D2L.  All resources now have embed codes and direct URL links.  These links can be pasted into documents or can be used to open the resource as a page inside of D2L.