Attendance and Due-dates Policy

1.  There is an expectation of DAILY (week-day)  participation in the online environment.  

2.  Online courses have the same workload expectations as face to face classes.  This means that students need to plan on finding  between 5 and 7 hours per day to devote to their school work.  

3.   Teachers are able to track and monitor your progress and involvement in the online environment.  The Learning Management System keeps track of your log in record and the amount of time spent logged in for each session.

4.  Your teacher will post clear due dates for your assignments.  Please pay attention to these dates.  The purpose of these deadlines is to ensure that you keep up with the pace of the class.   If you fall behind it is very difficult to catch up because the class has moved on to the next assignment.   

5.  Students may be expected to participate in online class discussions.  While you can choose when you log in to the discussion forum, participation in these class discussions is not optional.

6.  Stay Organized and stay on top of your work.  You should start an assignment the same day it is assigned. A full credit lasts for just 20 weekdays. The time will go by quickly.

7.  Communication is one of the keys to a successful online learning experience.  Ask your teacher questions as often as you need to.   

8.  Please review our exam policy. There is a final exam for ALL of our courses other than Civics, Careers and the OLC course)  Face to face attendance at your exam is required.  

All exams will be written on Friday JULY 31 at 9:00 am